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Congrats! I have a 30, but am planning on getting a 35! LV


Congrats on your new Speedy! You wear the 35 really well. I know the excitement you feel coming home with a new Louie. When I hear how far you had to drive to the nearest LV Store...It makes me appreciate living 5 minutes away from one. I take it for granted but it has cost me bunches... louis vuitton handbags

,I have been feeling this way too. It's sad. LV saturated the market and now there is nothing. I cannot help but look at other bags. louis vuitton purse,
Artsy in Flamme! louis vuitton purse

Thanks everyone! I was really torn between the Damier and Mono but seeing how I want to eventually own a Damier NF I decided to go classic Mono for this purchase. It's reassuring to see 10 year old Speedys that still look great. It's definitely a classic! louis vuitton outlet

,Karman has one. [Check post #148] http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vui...hlight=coussin louis vuitton wallet,
I am so picky about my LV bags that I don't like to carry them on the plane. I don't like putting them through the scanners in those dirty bins or on the floor under a seat. I usually travel with a Coach tote which is still great quality but, less of a fuss. louis vuitton wallet
,Congrats! great choices... louis vuitton bag.